Unique Mouth-Melting Tablets


Indications :

Elevated Homocysteine(Hey)

Causes physiologic, lifestyle factors & common diseases.

MTHFR 677C > T polymorphism, Neurological disorders.

CVD morbidity, CVD and Non-CVD mortality.

Depression, cognitive deficit

Brain, CNS, Bones, Kidney’s, Heart & Eyes



1.  L-5-MTHF:

The metabolically active form of folic acid.

Controls Ele-Hcy, by remethylation to methionine.

Improves DNA- Synthesis, Repair & Methylation.

Improves cell division, prevents NTD


Along with Folate helps reduce the Ele-Hcy levels

Rapirs the damaged Myelin Sheath of neuron, Improves Nerve conduction.

Helps in synaptic neurotransmitter activity


Regulates Ele-Hcy by trans-sulfuration to cystathion


Composition :

 Contents   Strength
   L-5 Methyl tetra Hydrofolate     800 mcg
   Methylcobalamin     1500mcg
   Pyridoxine      10mg