– A Complete Anaemia Management Therapy with Proven results


Indications :

– Anaemia during Pregnancy

– Iron Deficiency Anemia

– Megaloblastic Anemia

– Pernicious Anaemia



Complete utilization of iron in Hb formation
Improves Hb levels fast with fewer or No side effects
Excellent tolerability, with dosage convenience
Promotes erythropoiesis, More healthy RBC formation
Adenosylcobalamin promotes faster Hb. synthesis in presence of Iron
Mecobalamin along with folate ensures healthy RBC formation


Composition :

 Contents  Strength
   Folic Acid    1.5 Mg
   Ferrous Ascorbate    100 Mg
   Adenosylcobalamin    750 Mcg
   Methylcobalamine    750 Mcg