The New Gold Standard in Calcium Bioavailability


Indications :

– Calcium Supplement in Preganancy

– Lactation

– Osteoporosis

– 40+ Age



D3- Must for absorption of Ca++.

Strengthens bones and prevents fractures.

Mg- Increases production of active Vit D3. Stimulates calcitonin.

Zn- Helps in formation of bone matrix. Stimulates osteoblast.

Most Bioavailable form of calcium.

Absorption not affected by Food

No risk of Kidney stone formation


Composition :

 Contents  Strength
  Calcium Citrate Malate   1000 Mg
  Vitamin D3   400 IU
  Magnesium   100 Mg
  Zinc tablets   5 Mg
  Calcium Salt   Solubility (mM/l)
  Ca. Carbonate   0.14
  Ca. Citrate   7.30
  Ca. Citrate Malate   80.0