You may pay for your purchases on using
• Valid Credit / Debit Cards (VISA or Master)
• Valid Debit cards (VISA or Master)
• For greater security, we have enabled our systems for ‘Verified by VISA’ and ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ facility, applicable to VISA and MASTERCARD respectively. This is an additional security measure necessitating you to enter a password which only you, the card holder, can have access to. Also, does not capture any such passwords which you enter directly into a bank’s secure system.
• Payment on your card bill will appear in your local currency (as per the norms of your card issuing bank). Your card will be charged in Indian currency as per prevailing rate of exchange and charge policies of your card issuer.
• It is not uncommon for a request for credit / debit card authorization to fail once or twice before the card is finally authorized. This happens due to problems with your card issuing banks servers. You must try again till you get a successful notification.
• At times, the bank’s payment servers or your issuing banks payment servers may be down, in which case a message will be posted informing you of the same. Under such circumstances, you can continue shopping and adding items to the basket which would then be saved. You can come back later and complete the payment transaction within 24 hours.